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Check Out 3 of the Best Indie Movie Theaters in Kansas City

Before the advent of the megaplex movie theaters, there were independent movie houses. Offering a more “old fashioned” approach to going to the movies, these indie movie houses cater to a discerning film crowd. Interestingly, they often show some first run movie hits. These indie movie houses also showcase foreign and independent movies that are harder to find. Kansas City is fortunate to have a handful of these theater art houses in the area. Here are a few worth exploring:

Tivoli Cinemas

Located in Westport Manor Square, Tivoli Cinemas is a Kansas City mainstay. Tivoli Cinemas highlights movies out of the mainstream. They offer a friendly and warm movie house atmosphere to enjoy classics, foreign films, and independent favorites. This theater also offers special events with their Performing Arts Series, the Essential Cinema Series and Exhibition on Screen Series. These showings give audiences a chance to enjoy a variety of movies. Audiences can also enjoy live broadcasts such as The Madness of King George III and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Screenland Crossroads

Self-described as a “craft movie theatre,” Screenland Crossroads celebrates the art of going to the cinema. This indie theater calls the Crossroads area of Kansas City home. It combines a festive atmosphere with an extensive menu of offerings that includes local craft beer selections and great food. Fun movie series events occur throughout the year that provides Brunch and Movie, Cinema Cult and Horror Club Presents.

Glenwood Arts Theater

Found in nearby Overland Park, Glenwood Arts Theater harkens back to a time when sophisticated theaters were in vogue. Art Deco finishes and staff that wears black ties create an “old world” charm. In addition to independent movie showings, Glenwood Arts Theater also has many festivals throughout the year. Visitors can check out the Latin American Film Festival and the Kansas International Film Festival.

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