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A Meat Lover’s Paradise at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

The restaurant options around Fountain View on the Plaza are abundant, especially considering the community is located directly inside of the Country Club Plaza. Whether you’re looking for brunch, dinner, or happy hours, the number of places to choose from can be overwhelming, and finding the right place for your night out can become tedious.

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

While there are tons of restaurants to choose from inside the Plaza, there are also countless options in the surrounding area. One of the famous Kansas City spots for dining is Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. The joint was dubbed as America’s 2nd best barbecue restaurant by TripAdvisor, and it’s just under a 10-minute drive from the Plaza.

Everything a Barbecue Lover Could Want

The menu has plenty to offer for barbecue lovers. From pulled pork sandwiches to beef brisket to rib dinners, Joe’s is a meat lover’s paradise. Specialty sandwiches include the Z-Man Sandwich, which consists of brisket, provolone, and onion rings on a roll. For sides, they, of course, serve fries, as well as potato salad, beans, and a variety of slaws. They also offer Chicken Gumbo as a side, cup, pint, or quart.

A Service Station to Remember

Joe’s has operated out of a gas station since the mid-90’s, giving it an edgy but casual vibe for dining. It is one of the biggest hotspots is Kansas City for Southern-style barbecue, so expect a line. Don’t worry too much, though, because the long lines “move VERY quickly.”

The energy at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is the way it has to be to serve the massive amount of customers that come to their restaurant: upbeat and fast-paced. This is a place that you can visit for a casual lunch or on a night out with friends. The food is delicious, the service is quick, and the atmosphere is friendly.

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