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These KC Escape Rooms Offer an Hour of Fun

Escape room games are a newer form of reality entertainment where teams must solve clues to escape their room within a set amount of time. These games have become wildly popular across the country. Local KC escape rooms include:

Breakout KC

Breakout, located at River Market, is the only escape room in the United States ranked in the top five by both TripAdvisor and USA Today. Teams have just 60 minutes to finish their challenge, and there are six games to choose from.

One of the rooms includes Hero: Protect the People. You’re on a mission to stop a delusional doctor who believes he can cure every disease around the world. His methods are unproven and faulty at best. Can you take down his operation?

Escape Room Kansas City 

Escape Room Kansas City boasts that it offers a fun and adrenaline-raising experience for the price of a movie. Depending on the game, teams will need to crack codes or use the numbers on combination locks to doors, crates, and boxes.

Those looking for a challenge will want to try Prison Break. Your friend was wrongfully sentenced to death. You have entered the jail and bribed guards to help him escape. Can you make it out before the shift change?

Tick Tock Escape Room

At Tick Tock, locals design the games to give players an evening they won’t soon forget. The architects hail from Bonner while the custom-made tables are built in Liberty.

The rooms transport teams to another world, and Central Intelligence is a crowd favorite. A top-level CIA field office has been compromised. Your team is responsible for investigating and completing the investigation. Will you succeed?

Along with these fun KC escape rooms, Fountain View on the Plaza is also near enticing restaurants and popular shopping destinations. To call our community home, please contact us. We would love to give you a tour.

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