Kansas City BBQ ribs

A Meat Lover’s Paradise at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

The restaurant options around Fountain View on the Plaza are abundant, especially considering the community is located directly inside of the Country Club Plaza. Whether you’re looking for brunch, dinner, or happy hours, the number of places to choose from can be overwhelming, and finding the right place for your night out can become tedious. Joe’s Kansas City BBQ […]

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customers shopping for antiques around Kansas City

Shop the Best Antiques Around Kansas City

Antiques offer a unique aesthetic that can be difficult to replicate with modern furniture and decorations. If you’re looking for that perfect statement piece, here’s where you’re likely to find the best antiques around Kansas City. Morning Glory Antiques Morning Glory is one of the best resources for fine antiques in the Midwest. Spanning 6,000 square […]

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fireworks around Kansas City

See the Best Fourth of July Fireworks Around Kansas City

If you’re looking to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks around Kansas City, there are plenty of annual events located near Fountain View on the Plaza! The U.S.A is about to celebrate its 242nd birthday. So why not celebrate the old-fashioned way? Here are some of the best ways to enjoy fireworks around Kansas City […]

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