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Experience a Life Aquatic at Sea Life Kansas City

Not many females can command a crowd the way she can. Capture an audience’s complete attention. Evoke applause with the mere movement of a limb. Who is she? Her name is Gertrude. And you can only find her if you visit Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium—inside a water-filled, glass tank.

Gertrude and Her Pals

Gertrude, a Green Sea Turtle, is one of the hundreds of aquatic creatures you’ll meet at Sea Life, which uncovers for visitors the usually submerged mysteries of the ocean world.

In addition to Gertrude, you’ll find various species of sharks, seahorses, dancing sea dragons, octopuses and, of course, fish—from the distinctively orange-and-yellow-hued clownfish to the nearly transparent jellyfish.

Sea Life doesn’t merely aim to display marine creatures. It also endeavors to rescue and protect them. Gertrude, in fact, was rescued after being caught in a fishing line.

Educational Talks

Marine education also is important to Sea Life, and educational talks are offered throughout any given day. For example, “Turtle Talk” focuses on turtle conservation, while “Seahorse Talk” discusses the habitat and particulars of seahorse life.

“Sharks!” helps demystify the mighty shark with a wave of facts and information. All of these talks and more come with your ticket price.

There’s also an interactive “Touchpool,” which allows visitors to touch crabs, sea stars, and other marine life while members of the education team relay interesting facts and tidbits.

Don’t skip the Ocean Tunnel on your visit! Ths tunnel puts you directly under sharks, rays, and other creatures as they mill about in the water.

Special Amenities

Also, with an annual pass, you can visit as much as you want throughout the year! You also can book a special event at Sea Life. It’s available for patrons who want to celebrate a birthday or host a networking event. You can even say, “I do” alongside Gertrude and her marine buddies. For more information about that, send an email to

In conclusion, there are numerous local events and activities for you to explore. Visit Sea Life Kansas City anytime when you live in our community. Want to find out more about what Kansas City and Fountain View on the Plaza have to offer? Contact us today!

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