couple enjoying movie at the theater

Check Out 3 of the Best Indie Movie Theaters in Kansas City

Before the advent of the megaplex movie theaters, there were independent movie houses. Offering a more “old fashioned” approach to going to the movies, these indie movie houses cater to a discerning film crowd. Interestingly, they often show some first run movie hits. These indie movie houses also showcase foreign and independent movies that are […]

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man and women getting their hair done by stylists

Top Salons in Kansas City for Men and Women

The salons in Kansas City offer an array of premier services, and they’re dedicated to helping men and women look their best. Some of the top salons include: Skyline Salon Found on the 4th floor of the historic Firestone building, the Skyline Salon brings a new cutting-edge, non-traditional salon to Kansas City. Owner Josh Crumley began his hairstyling […]

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group of friends eating fondue

Dip Into Delicious Fondue at a Nearby Restaurant in Kansas City

Fondue is a popular dish for romantic evenings or lively social gatherings with friends. Traditional fondues often feature Emmental or Gruyere cheese, though recipes vary by region. If you would like to enjoy fondue tonight, try a nearby restaurant in Kansas City: Grand Street Cafe For more than 25 years, the Grand Street Cafe has been a local […]

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young woman shopping for groceries

The Best Specialty Food Stores Around Kansas City

Do you enjoy hosting your family and friends for dinner? There are some remarkable specialty food stores around Kansas City that will definitely elevate your grocery shopping. So, here’s where you can shop for ingredients that will make your dishes shine. Cosentino’s Market Established by the Cosentino siblings in 1948, Cosentino’s Market soon became one of the […]

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